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All classes are learning opportunities and not auditions or guarantees of employment. Our goal at ARC is to raise the level of knowledge about the auditioning process. Detailed lesson plans for all classes are available upon request.


This 5-week course will concentrate on in-depth scene study and provide techniques in script breakdown and analysis to create an even more specific and memorable performance. With Amey René Casting's Megan Rosenfeld, you'll perform a different scene for each class as if you were auditioning. You'll learn how to stand out to nail auditions for film, TV, commercial and corporate work – and learn what not do to (from someone auditioning a lot of LA and PNW actors). With longtime actor and producer Tony Doupé, you'll refine the same scene from your "audition" for each class as if you booked the role (new scene for each class). Learn how to make specific choices that build upon your audition and create the performance directors are looking for. The format of this course will allow you time with each Tony and Megan during every class (so you'll be on camera at least twice for each class). You'll also finetune a monologue so you can powerfully demonstrate your brand through CDs' increasingly popular general auditions – especially important for the Portland market! At the end of the course, you'll be better prepared to audition for and book work. You'll also come away with loads of personalized guidance.


IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: This class is not a job interview or audition. By registering, you agree to understand the presence of a Casting Director/Associate is neither a guarantee nor a promise of employment. The intent of the class is solely educational. Attending this class is not a way to obtain employment as an actor. Such contact as you may have with a Casting Director/Associate at a class or workshop rarely results in any further contact with that Casting Director/Associate or any company affiliated with that Casting Director/Associate.


Date & Time: Every Tuesday from September 25 to October 23

                  7-10 PM (SEATTLE at the Amey René Casting Office) 


PDF flyer with more info

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